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 Program Schedule

Details of Some Special Programme Produced and Telecast from DDK, Varanasi
Despite shortage of staff and other facilities and very low budget DDK, Varanasi has produced many outstanding and quality Serials, Telifilms, Documentary etc. in f.y.-2006-07. Details of some such productions are as under.

It is a serialized Quiz Competition for children of class VI to VII. Total 52 episodes has been produced and telecast. Competition has four round namely Qualifying Round, Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final Round. There are three teams in each episod. Each episode has four segments, i.e. Dry Round, Visual Round, Audio Visual Round and Game Round. The duration of each episode is 30 minutes and it is being telecast on every Tuesday at 5.30pm.

To provide a platform for youth music artist, a music & dance competition of 78 episodes was produced during the said period with five segments i.e. Classical Vocal, Classic Instrumental, Light, Folk and Dance.

The rounds were Screening Round, Qualifying Round, Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final Round. Most of the eminent music artists were invited as judges.

To popularise the literary programme, DDK, Varanasi has invented a new idea. Symposium were organized before invited audience. After the symposium is over, there is a film show on big screen with the help of projector. The telefilms produced by DDK, Varanasi has a relevance with the topic of symposium. Here are some details-
Sh. Labh Shankar Thakar is a well known Poet & Playwright of Gujrat. DDK, Varanasi has produced one & half hour long very psychological telefilm "Peela Gulab" is Hindi written by Sh. Thakar in Gujrati language. The projector show was held before highly literary invited audience on 21.06.06. It was highly appreciated by writers, dramatists, poets and press.

On the occasion of Doordarshan Foundation Day DDK, Varanasi organized a seminar on Kavita Ka Krishna Paksh before invited audience of one thousand in local hall. The participants were Dr. Bachchan Singh, well known Critic & Writer, Sh. Purusottam Das Modi. Publisher, Dr. Mukta, well known Poetess, and Dr. Shri Prakash Shukla, Critic. The moderator was Sh. Siyaram Yadav. After the seminar, poems written by Sh. Krishan Kalpit was staged.

On 15th Oct 06 a Seminar on the subjet "Ekisavi Sadi Aur Kissagoi" was organized before invited audience. The participants were Dr. Kashinath Singh, Dr. Vishvanath Prasad, Dr. Avadhesh Pradhan & Dr. Balraj Pandey. The moderator was Dr. Neerja Madhav. After this seminar telestory " Sankraman" written by Sh. Kamata Nath was shown on big screen. Sh. Ramendra Sarin, well known producer was invited by DDK Varanasi to produce this telestory.

A seminar before invited audience was organized on "Pauranik Mithak Aur Samkaleen Sahitya" on 26th Nov, 06. The participants were Dr. Shukdeo Singh, Dr. N.P. Joshi, Dr. Yugeshwar and Sh. Ramakant sharma "Udbhrant". Dr. Rajendra Upadhyay was the moderator. After the seminar "KANUPRIYA" based on Dr. Dharmveer Bharti''s. Khanda Kavya was shown.

Long Interviews with Sh. Viveki Rai & Sahitya Academy winner Sh. Gyanendra Pati was recorded. The interviewers were Sh. Narmadeshwer Upadhyay & Sh. Vyomesh Shukla respectively.

Many documentaries have been produced by DDK, Varanasi viz Banarasi Sari, Luptpray Pankti Pawan Kala etc..

All production has been done within the sanctioned budget grant for this Kendra in f.y. 2006-07 and no additional fund was allocated for these productions. Total 1484 artists and talkers were booked in said period.

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