What is the Timing of Ganga Arti?

Ganga aarti is started in the evenging at 6 PM or 7 PM According to season

Why Assi Ghat is So Famous?

Assi Ghat is Famous Because of its Amazing Aarti

Best Time to Visit Assi Ghat?

The best time to visit assi ghat is evenging specially on sunday.

Why There is so much Crowed in Assi Ghat?

Assi ghat is one of the best ghat in varanasi that is why there is so much crowed mostly in the time of aarti.

What we can do in assi ghat?

Well, in assi ghat you can enjoy the Aarti, also you can enjoy boating and can chill there.

How to Reach Assi Ghat?

If you are in varanasi, just tell your auto driver to drop you in near assi ghat or durgakund and use the map to reach there.

is There Food available to Eat?

There are many Stall available where you can eat Fast food.